200 Cubed

March 4th, 2011

The Women’s Foundation of Oklahoma (WFO) is positioned now to strengthen our voice for Oklahoma’s women. In its first five years and using only a percentage of the earnings of the endowment, WFO has provided grants totaling over $300,000 across our state – from supporting domestic violence organizations protecting our abused women to educational programs for incarcerated women and summer programs for their daughters, and youth programs providing brighter futures for our girls.

Knowing that 1.7 million women and girls in Oklahoma depend on our continued work, WFO has now focused its efforts on a critical area that will impact over half of this population – educational opportunities for single mothers – and its potential impact will not only change individual lives, but also create an even greater investment return for our entire state. We are confident that this long term initiative will change the way our colleges and universities support this special population and the economic impact benefits will permeate all families and communities.

This is an ambitious endeavor, and certainly our small percentage of annual endowment earnings will not accomplish the task. We must engage broader audiences, bring other funders to the table, and commit ourselves to a systems change approach for long term impact…..and we hope you will take the journey with us!

On March 8th – International Women’s Day – we launch 200 Cubed -- a 200 day effort to enlist 200 women to invest $200 per year for five years to sustain this important work of the Women’s Foundation of Oklahoma because:

  • nearly half of Oklahoma homes living at or below the poverty level are led by single women • nearly one in four children in Oklahoma live in poverty
  • each year more than 7,000 Oklahoma teen women give birth
  • less than 20% of Oklahoma women graduate from high school and only 1 in 7 complete a bachelor’s degree, BUT
  • a college graduate earns, on average, $1 million more in earnings across their lifetime!

Please join us as part of 200 Cubed and invest in the economic self-sufficiency of Oklahoma women and girls!

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