Why Women & Girls

Despite the opportunities made available to women in recent history, we still experience barriers that negatively impact our children, our families, and ultimately our communities.

Wage inequity, poverty, teen pregnancy, family responsibility, and insufficient education or job skills are just a few of the many challenges that prevent the women and girls of Oklahoma from achieving equality and economic self-sufficiency.

Among foundation grants over $10,000 only seven percent goes specifically to women and girls. We believe that if we do not invest in women and girls, then their children, their families and eventually state and national economies will suffer.

For the past two decades, women and girls funds have improved access to education, jobs and asset growth. In turn, they have helped reduce teen pregnancy rates, increased the number of women and girls who complete their education, support positive early job experiences and strengthening sustainable economic self-sufficiency. As we increase our investments, these achievements will continue to grow in Oklahoma.

At the Women's Foundation of Oklahoma, we know that when women and girls prosper, communities thrive.

Startling Statistics

This is where we are but this is what we can overcome with your support to the Women's Foundation of Oklahoma.

  • Oklahoma is the 2nd overall worst state for women.
  • We are ranked number 1 in the nation and the world for the rate we incarcerate women and 2/3 of these women are single mothers.
  • Approximately 1 in 6 Oklahoma women is a victim of domestic violence.
  • An average of 6 babies are born to Oklahoma children everyday.
  • The average woman, 65+ years, struggles to survive on 50% of the average male's income.
  • Women in Oklahoma earn only 75 cents for every dollar men earn.
  • Oklaoma has the 8th highest rate of teen pregnancy in the nation.
  • Single women head nearly half of all poor families in Oklahoma.
  • Nearly 20% of Oklahoma girls never graduate high school.
  • Fewer than 1 in 7 Oklahoma girls complete four or more years of college.

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